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Women as bread winners: the result of GOP policies and massive corporate layoffs

The GOP hand-wringing over the revelation than more American women are now the primary bread-winners clearly displays a stunning lack of self-awareness and a dangerous degree of misunderstanding regarding the consequences of their own policies. Isn't it possible that this trend shows the decline of high paying jobs across the white collar job market? Could it be that women are not suddenly making so much more; it's that men are being paid much, much less than they were in the days before the financial collapse and subsequent recession?

So when Conservatives despair for a) the loss of an America that existed 60 years ago, b) the "emasculation" of the American male and c) the rise of a "welfare state," they have no further to look than the mirror to find the source of the policies that led to where we find ourselves now. Kind of explains record profits and cash reserves among Fortune 500 companies, doesn't it? Mission accomplished, boys. Your corporate bosses have been slashing employees, filling their bank accounts and reaping record profits. Your business friendly largess, the corporatocracy you've helped create have all led to this moment, and you are somehow surprised?

Fuck you, Republicans. This is the America you wanted, isn't it?
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So, like a dumbass, I waited too long to refill my paxil prescription. It has now been one week since my last dose. I felt like I was doing pretty well until the last several days. Since Sunday, I have had 8 hours of sleep. The behavioral thing felt OK. No freak outs, but I can't do shit at work and since I can't sleep, that's making things feel worse.

I hope Caremark has a package in the mail for me today. I may need to summon the ambien walrus if it doesn't.